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Our rental & sales shop at now at 352 Ngọc Thuy street, Long Bien district was opened in 2008 by a team of people committed to offering you the very best motorcycle travel experience.

We rent a wide variety of motorcycle models, and specialize in bigger Honda bikes for long-distance and offroad trail riding. such as the HONDA CRF 250cc, XR 250cc,150cc, Suzuli EN 150cc.  We also rent semi-automatic Honda scooters like the Wave 110cc and Future Neo .  And, of course, we’re dedicated fans of the legendary MINSKMOTORBIKE 125cc.  We are now Hanoi's only shop for full-service Minsk rental, repair, and sales.

With hanoimotorcyclerental, the customer receives expert advice on riding technique, safety, Vietnam customs, trip itineraries, basic mechanical tips for repairing simple problems, and on-call phone interpretation with any local mechanics along the way by their owners mr Long and mr Hop.

They also provide the safety gears as knee , elbow protection , as well as spare parts and tools for your motorbike rental .

As an additional customer service, the hanoi motorcycle rental also provides one-way rental service, which means you can pick up your motorcycle at our Hanoi office, drive away, then drop it off in destinations like Lao Cai, Da Nang ,Nha Trang, or HCMC.  Or, you can pick up our motorcycle in those destinations and then ride back to Hanoi.  In these cases you just need to pay a train transport fee to transport the bike.  Please contact us for more details and price quotes.

We always strive to deal with you flexibly to accommodate your needs and convenience.   Send us an email today to ask questions and learn more!

Please notice that this is only our web Site.

See what others have said about us:

I have rented Minsks 3x now from Hop. I cannot comment on the breakdown service offered because the Minsks rented did not break down! I have ridden Minsks rented from "Hanoi Minsk" all over N Vietnam, usually for about 5 days with an average distance travelled of 500 km per trip. I always had an inner confidence that the bikes were good and well- maintained. I am about to buy one from the company and ride to Laos and then to HCMC. S White, UK. (gonzosam@gmail.com)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi Hop, !
I write you from Bangkok where I am at the moment. It took me two months with the Minsk to reach that city. I had amazing trip in Lao and Northern Thailand, I've been riding through very difficult dirt road but did not have any problem with the motorbike except one flat tyre on the highway just before BKK. Tomorrow I go to the freight company to ship the bike to Calcutta, India. It should take about 2 weeks, then I'll continue the trip across India heading to Europe. I hope I will not have too many troubles with the customs to get the bike back, time will tell. 
Anyway, I already did something like 4000kms and it was great so I wanted to share that with you. You can follow the links below to see some pictures of my trip:
I hope everything goes well for you in Hanoi.  Please send my regards to your mechanic staffs as well. Best wishes to all of you.



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Salut Hop.

Je suis ce soir a Thac Ba et je serai tres problement a Hanoi demain pm.
Superbe voyage en suivant ton itineraire ; Merci. Aucun probleme avec la moto.  
Juste 1 bougie a changer.  Vraiment solide et fiable Minsk.

On se voit probablement demain.

Michel Gilbert

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .      .     .

Bonjour Hop!
J’espère que vous allez bien.

Souvenez-vous, on vous a loué deux Minsk pendant 21 jours pour faire le tour du Nord.

Comme promis, je vous envoie quelques photos de notre voyage au Vietnam, qui reste un souvenir magnifique, aussi grâce à vous.
A bientôt, peut-être?

Luc Schenkel

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hello Mr. Hop!

A friend and I (from Belgium) rented a Minsk and a Honda Future from
you a little over a month ago. Sorry it took so long to send the
pictures from our amazing trip, but here they are.

The trip was amazing, we had absolutely no problems with the bikes and
had a ton of fun riding them from Hanoi to Sapa and back. Too bad we
didn't have more time to do a longer motorbike trip! Hopefully next

Take care,


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Our rental & sales shop

Our rental & sales shop

Our rental & sales shop now at 352 Ngọc Thụy street Long biên was opened in 2008 by a team of people committed to o


We are one of the only rental companies in Hanoi who rent enduro and offroad motorbikes such as the HondaXR250, Honda XL15

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